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The Day That Not a Single Snowflake Hit My House

On a day when I had already accepted that my location near Greenwich Cove in Rhode Island would not be favored for snow, I had nonetheless looked forward to the inevitable interludes of wet flakes mixing in here or there. … Continue reading

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Talking About the Weather With Joe D’Aleo

Joe D’Aleo has been at the center of American meteorology throughout his 40-year career. He was a co-founder and first director of meteorology at The Weather Channel. Later he was content manager and “Dr. Dewpoint” for He was a … Continue reading

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Thoughts on fall

From today’s Providence Journal, my ode to autumn … That time of year thou mayst in me behold When yellow leaves, or none, or few, do hang Upon those boughs which shake against the cold Bare ruined choirs where late … Continue reading

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Computer Models: Hurricane Sandy to Slam Northeast

Top-of-the-line computer models have been forecasting a devastating blow delivered by Hurricane Sandy to the Northeast early next week for several days now. In the computer model scenarios, Sandy could come ashore anywhere from Maryland to Cape Cod and would … Continue reading

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An Awful Waste of Brain Power

(With apologies to Allen Ginsberg. To buy my updated book, click here.) I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by climate, starving hysterical modeled, dragging themselves through the university streets at dawn looking for a bit of funding, … Continue reading

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Journalists Fired Up About Global Warming

(Welcome new friends. Those looking for the best book on climate change I’ve written so far will find it here.) The Earth was on fire before you were born, and it will be on fire long after you’re gone. The … Continue reading

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Good Jeff, Bad Jeff

Jeff Masters, who owns and runs the radically named Wunderground, one of the most heavily trafficked weather websites, makes part of his living scaring people with tales of extreme weather. Interestingly, though, a more sedate version of the man occasionally … Continue reading

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Radio interview

I had a had a nice time doing a radio interview about my book with talk-show host Ann Marie Spatharakis on WBLQ of Westerly, Rhode Island. A tape of the interview is available here. We discussed the desire among many green … Continue reading

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“Forever, and Ever, and Ever”

Attention scientists and journalists: I want my word back. You don’t get to use it anymore, unless you want to admit that you are in the business of deceiving people. That word? “Ever.” I know I’m in for it when … Continue reading

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European Cold-Weather Disaster

Among the many things that Anthony Watts does well is simply to deliver news of cold-weather events that go completely unnoticed or underreported by the mainstream media.  For whatever reason, heat waves, hurricanes, fires, and droughts rate high production costs, … Continue reading

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