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Peak Winds Approaching Rhode Island Right Now

Dangerous Hurricane Sandy is increasing in size and intensity as it approaches the Greater New York metropolitan area. According to meteorologist Ryan Maue of Weatherbell Analytics, the city is “insufficiently prepared.” After initially downplaying storm surge from the hurricane, New … Continue reading

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500-Year Storm of Scientific Illiteracy

A new paper in Nature Climate Change suggests that: 1. Hurricane Irene was an especially bad tropical system, and that its power was due to “climate change”; 2. what were once called “100-year floods” may now occur every “three to … Continue reading

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You Cannot Have It Both Ways

I spent 25 years of my life worried about global warming. And one of the best proofs that the scientists and the media both had to keep me convinced was warmer winters, with less snow. Al Gore talked about it. … Continue reading

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Some help with the drought in Central Texas?

Although you wouldn’t know it listening to conversation around Austin, this summer’s drought and heat are not the “worst ever.” They do, however, to put a technical spin on it, suck. A system passing from the Caribbean to the Gulf … Continue reading

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Number of Hours Spent Watching Hurricanes Skyrockets

Cory Wolfe, Associated Press Science Writer (New York, NY) — Scientists at Columbia University have completed a study confirming what climatologists had been whispering among themselves for years but been unable to prove: the number of mentions of hurricanes among the … Continue reading

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