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The UN “disappears” 50 million climate refugees, then botches the disappearing attempt (via Watts Up With That?)

While the “climate-change” food crises predicted by the UN are bogus, catastrophic rises in food prices produced by switching croplands from food production to vehicle-fuel production as well as using soybeans and corn for same are all to real. Hoo … Continue reading

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A Hard Test (fiction)

Abigail, a fifth-grader, and her dad were sitting at the kitchen table. “Dad, my teacher told me about global warming.” “Well, what did she say?” “She said that our cars put greenhouse gases in the sky, and that this is … Continue reading

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Just Plain Crazy

Let me tell you something about climate change: People’s perceptions of climate have changed. So have their perceptions of weather. If you want to be popular in my hometown of Austin all you’ve got to do is repeat, “Crazy weather.” … Continue reading

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