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Revkin: I’m No Worse Than the Norfolk Constabulary

I have been putting pressure on Dr. Peter Gleick to address the issue of the authorship of the most significant document that he presented to the world two weeks ago, the fake strategy memo purporting to show the Heartland Institute’s … Continue reading

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The Sound of Silence

It has been my impression that the New York Times leading writer on climate for the last 15 years, Andy Revkin, has been too close to Gavin Schmidt, James Hansen, and Michael Mann to have much in the way of … Continue reading

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The End of the Holocene Will Look a lot Like This

It’s a fairly important piece of AGW dogma that Alaska has warmed to a significant extent during the last human generation. Bringing this up with anyone who actually lives in Alaska at this time might not be a great idea, … Continue reading

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Al Gore, Nowhere to be Found

Among the curiosities to be found in the Climategate e-mails: Not one is addressed to or from Al Gore. One would imagine that someone with his finger on the pulse of climate science would occasionally communicate with a climate scientist. … Continue reading

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