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FOI requests shouldn’t be needed in the first place

It is a shame that Sir Paul Nurse has taken it upon himself to run interference for climate scientists who wish to evade Freedom of Information requests. Many in the skeptic camp, Steve McIntyre prominent among them, regard the issue … Continue reading

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Cool summer?

Grimsvotn volcano, in Iceland, has erupted. As Joe D’Aleo and others have pointed out, a high-latitude volcanic eruption can be enough to produce a cool summer, and, sometimes, a vicious winter to boot. Whether enough sulfates have reached sufficient altitude this … Continue reading

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Untamable Nature

It turns out that the sea floor was moved laterally during the recent Japanese earthquake by a little less than 80 feet. People have been wondering, during the recent jag of extreme tectonic events (Haiti, Peru, Japan), whether some connection … Continue reading

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How ’bout a little rain?

The last post focused on San Francisco Bay, where my best friend in high school and I used to windsurf anytime we got the chance. Our spots were: Redwood Shores, Foster City, and Coyote Point, the last being in the … Continue reading

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Remember when sea level was stable?

The SF Bay Area, whence I sprang more than a few springs ago, is being threatened by catastrophic climate change in the form of rising sea levels. That is, if you believe this. Not surprisingly, I don’t. There has not, … Continue reading

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Just another cold morning at the airport

How cold was it at the airport this morning, here in Austin? How ’bout 38 degrees Fahrenheit. This was good enough for the record low, by 8 degrees, no less. It was also the coldest May temperature ever, by four … Continue reading

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