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Pinball Blizzard

Saturday January 7 4:36 pm Update: Five days after the WeatherBell chat rooms and others around the U.S. were buzzing with rumors of a serious Nor’easter, the so-called Pinball Blizzard has actually materialized. The NWS office in Taunton and the … Continue reading

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The Day That Not a Single Snowflake Hit My House

On a day when I had already accepted that my location near Greenwich Cove in Rhode Island would not be favored for snow, I had nonetheless looked forward to the inevitable interludes of wet flakes mixing in here or there. … Continue reading

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Talking About Weather with Elliot Abrams

Today marks the start of Talking About Weather With and Talking About Climate With, a pair of regular features that will appear once a week or so on talkingabouttheweather.com. The inaugural subject is a giant in American forecasting, AccuWeather’s Elliot … Continue reading

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Surprised By White

The first “pure” Nor’easter of the season is delivering snow to East Greenwich this evening. The storm, another potent one just nine days after Hurricane Sandy devastated the region, was snowier than the National Weather Service initially forecast along Narragansett … Continue reading

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European Cold-Weather Disaster

Among the many things that Anthony Watts does well is simply to deliver news of cold-weather events that go completely unnoticed or underreported by the mainstream media.  For whatever reason, heat waves, hurricanes, fires, and droughts rate high production costs, … Continue reading

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The Good Old Days Are Right Now

A major strain of global warming theology looks back on a colder, snowier past with misty eyes. Some of this comes from the fact that those looking back, including RFK Jr., are simply remembering being outdoors enough to appreciate nature, … Continue reading

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‘Snow blindness’ spreads in newsrooms

Somewhere along the way, mainstream journalism lost its way regarding climate. Journalists at the top of their game and the top of their field, lacking nothing for resources or good intentions, lost the ability to see winter, even when it … Continue reading

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Open Letter to a Legal Scholar Specializing in Climate Change

The following is my response to an open letter published by the legal scholar Dan Farber on his blog. Farber’s letter says that global warming “denialists” are about as right as Neville Chamberlain was returning from Munich in 1938 and … Continue reading

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Cold comfort: Catlin team awaits re-supply

With adverse weather, including at least one blizzard, preventing its scheduled re-supply, the Catlin Arctic Survey expedition on the Arctic Ocean sea ice has slashed food rations by more than 80 percent. On normal sledging days, the team members consume … Continue reading

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Where Are We Headed?

Here in Austin on the day before Thanksgiving, it’s 50 degrees and cloudy at 8:30 in the morning. In Alert, Canada, it’s -9 and clear. Fort Yukon, Alaska, has -13 with overcast skies. There’s light snow in St. Petersburg, Russia, … Continue reading

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