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How Dare I Not?

Anthony Watts rightly points out that if I wish for people to support my work in progress, I should let them know what it is they are supporting. While I fought a long and  strenuous battle to make Don’t Sell … Continue reading

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Richard Muller has absolutely no idea what it is to be a climate skeptic

Richard Muller has no freaking idea what it is to be a climate skeptic. When you’re an actual climate skeptic the following things are true: Your career becomes less successful, rather than more The New York Times does not publish … Continue reading

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Insurer’s Climate Change Claims: A Mountain of Lies

We are in a new era of healthcare, one heralded by an outrageous assault on reason, facts, and science by Kaiser Permanente this week and which the mainstream media, spurred by a Harvard blog, passed along as “news.” I’ll go … Continue reading

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My appearance on Red Eye has been changed to tomorrow. See you then.

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McIntyre Returns to the Battlefield Even Stronger than Before

Originally posted on Climate Audit:
Phil Jones’ first instinct on learning about Climategate was that it was linked to the Yamal controversy that was in the air in the weeks leading up to Climategate. I had speculated that CRU must…

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DSYC on the Tube, Continued

Did two more interviews yesterday, the first on Varney & Co., and the second on Red Eye. The Varney segment is here. The Red Eye segment is here (starting at 2:10). It was a good day (and night) for my humble … Continue reading

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Radio interview

I had a had a nice time doing a radio interview about my book with talk-show host Ann Marie Spatharakis on WBLQ of Westerly, Rhode Island. A tape of the interview is available here. We discussed the desire among many green … Continue reading

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The Sound of Silence

It has been my impression that the New York Times leading writer on climate for the last 15 years, Andy Revkin, has been too close to Gavin Schmidt, James Hansen, and Michael Mann to have much in the way of … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Watts Up With That?:
Guest post by David Middleton William D. Nordhaus is an economics professor at Yale University. He recently published this essay in the New York Review of Books… Why the Global Warming Skeptics Are…

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Alarmist Ways Continue at New York Times

I would say that The New York Times has jumped the shark, but you have to separate from the shark first in order to jump it. The Times has been grasping the shark in a death-embrace for years now, when … Continue reading

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