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Journalists Fired Up About Global Warming

(Welcome new friends. Those looking for the best book on climate change I’ve written so far will find it here.) The Earth was on fire before you were born, and it will be on fire long after you’re gone. The … Continue reading

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Clinton’s Trip to Arctic Deconstructed

If you’re a busy politician and you want to sound green, what’s better than a quick trip to a polar ice cap? Nothing! Unfortunately, sounding green and understanding the environment and Earth’s paleoclimate are wildly different things, it turns out. … Continue reading

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They “Know” But They Don’t Know

Update (6/1/12): The poll results for the poll at the end of this post are in. Zero percent agreed that “science demands that witches be burned”; four percent agreed that “science does not demand that witches be burned”; zero percent … Continue reading

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