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Is It Time to Consider Global Cooling Yet?

You heard the words at a cocktail party — “global cooling?” — usually with the rising, sing-song intonation of disbelief, so the speaker could get credit for knowing about the phenomenon if, shockingly, it ever came to pass and none … Continue reading

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The New Last Refuge

“Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.” – Samuel Johnson Yes, and climate alarmism is the new patriotism. As I write this, the most powerful man on Earth, Barack Obama, dogged by a series of history-tarnishing scandals, is choosing … Continue reading

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‘Don’t Sell Your Coat’ on the Airwaves

I’ve done two interviews this week to support Don’t Sell Your Coat. The first was an hourlong radio interview. There were a few “interesting” calls from listeners, including one who asked about chem-trails. That said, I’m always grateful anyone’s listening, … Continue reading

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Radio interview

I had a had a nice time doing a radio interview about my book with talk-show host Ann Marie Spatharakis on WBLQ of Westerly, Rhode Island. A tape of the interview is available here. We discussed the desire among many green … Continue reading

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Positive Reviews of DSYC Continue

The good reviews of DSYC keep coming: Andrew Montford (author of The Hockey Stick Illusion), Anthony Watts, Tallbloke, Tom Nelson, and now John Shade, posting at Climate Lessons: This is a beautiful book in many ways.  First of all, in terms of … Continue reading

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Harold Ambler Wikipedia

A pet peeve: People google me all the time with wikipedia or wiki in the search field, and the result often carries them to a skeptic-bating PR machine known as realclimate.org. Specifically, they are brought to that cute little part … Continue reading

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Out on Kindle

Update (Saturday February 11, 2012) DSYC in top 5 of Kindle sales lists, including time spent at #1 above Michael Mann’s The Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars. Don’t Sell Your Coat is out on Kindle, Nook, and iPad. Kindle … Continue reading

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