Some help with the drought in Central Texas?

Although you wouldn’t know it listening to conversation around Austin, this summer’s drought and heat are not the “worst ever.” They do, however, to put a technical spin on it, suck. A system passing from the Caribbean to the Gulf of Mexico today, could, theoretically, improve things around here. Let us hope. From the National Hurricane Center’s Jack Beven:

Computer model predictions of the path of the first tropical storm of the season with a chance to file down the teeth of the drought afflicting Central Texas. Credit: Wunderground

Thunderstorm activity associated with a tropical wave near the Yucatan Channel continues to become better organized … and radar data from Mexico suggests that a circulation could be forming about 50 miles northeast of Cancun.  If current trends continue … a tropical depression could develop later today.  Interests in the northeastern Yucatan Peninsula … as well as the central and western Gulf of Mexico … should monitor the progress of this system as it moves west-northwestward near 15 mph.  This system has a high chance … 80 percent … of becoming a tropical cyclone during the next 48 hours.  An Air Force Reserve hurricane hunter aircraft is scheduled to investigate this system later today.

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