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Worldwide Radio Interview Tonight

I’m looking forward to joining the hosts of Wise Guys of Weather at 8:10 p.m. EDT this evening to discuss weather, climate, and my book. Hosts Joe Bastardi, Joe D’Aleo, and Alan Lammey of weatherbell.com bring cold hard facts of … Continue reading

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500-Year Storm of Scientific Illiteracy

A new paper in Nature Climate Change suggests that: 1. Hurricane Irene was an especially bad tropical system, and that its power was due to “climate change”; 2. what were once called “100-year floods” may now occur every “three to … Continue reading

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Look Up!

On Dec. 14, 1973, the majesty of the atmosphere did not disappear. It also did not disappear on May 4, 1995. If you’re wondering, it has not disappeared since then, either. In fact, the majesty of the atmosphere remains extraordinary, … Continue reading

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What Will the AGW Climb-Down Look Like?

Here’s something that you can bring to the bank: With regard to global warming, the major purveyors of news in the industrialized world will be climbing down from their various versions of frenzied alarmism. Here’s something else that you can … Continue reading

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Goliath’s Panic Begins

A new editorial in Nature is startling for what it reveals, especially the fact Paul Ehrlich is a go-to figure about how hard scientists have it when it comes to media access. Ehrlich is an individual who became an international … Continue reading

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‘Snow blindness’ spreads in newsrooms

Somewhere along the way, mainstream journalism lost its way regarding climate. Journalists at the top of their game and the top of their field, lacking nothing for resources or good intentions, lost the ability to see winter, even when it … Continue reading

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