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Revkin: I’m No Worse Than the Norfolk Constabulary

I have been putting pressure on Dr. Peter Gleick to address the issue of the authorship of the most significant document that he presented to the world two weeks ago, the fake strategy memo purporting to show the Heartland Institute’s … Continue reading

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Al Gore, Nowhere to be Found

Among the curiosities to be found in the Climategate e-mails: Not one is addressed to or from Al Gore. One would imagine that someone with his finger on the pulse of climate science would occasionally communicate with a climate scientist. … Continue reading

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Whining and Dining — Part 1

When you’re a climate scientist on top of the world, using taxpayer dollars to socialize with your friends is easy. You just have to be careful to call the social events “symposiums.” What’s not easy, evidently, is using those same … Continue reading

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Goliath’s Panic Begins

A new editorial in Nature is startling for what it reveals, especially the fact Paul Ehrlich is a go-to figure about how hard scientists have it when it comes to media access. Ehrlich is an individual who became an international … Continue reading

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Krugman: Badly Misinformed About Climate

Paul Krugman has again asserted his right to be wrong about climate change today in The New York Times. Here is my response to Mr. Krugman which I have also posted on the Times site: I wonder by what percentage … Continue reading

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Phil Jones offers myriad reasons for not sharing data

Three months before “stepping aside” from his position atop the most prestigious climate change institute in the world earlier this week, Phil Jones made a number of interesting comments. The first was this: “In the UK I am not considered … Continue reading

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People do more than ride bicycles at Google. December 2, 2009 Among the points of interest in the unfolding climate scandal is the fact that the term “climategate” rapidly eclipsed global warming in the number of links produced by a … Continue reading

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