How Is the Weather Where You Are?

I started this blog for two reasons. The first was to organize my own thinking on the subject of weather and climate. The second was to create a space in which other people who care about such things might comment about what they observe where they live. It had started to bother me that seemingly the only weather stories making it into the mainstream media had to do with unusual warmth. When the TV networks and major newspapers did cover a cold-weather story they would frequently mouth the global warming dogma that the cold was the product of climate change, and not a sign that the ocean-atmosphere system was doing what it always did (which is move warm and cold around the globe like paint on a Spyrograph).

This evening, I’m in New York City, which has had an unusually cool summer so far. Today it was 72 degrees with a light wind and unusual visibility for the time of year. Back home in Austin, meanwhile, they are sweltering. 

If you are coming to the site after seeing me on Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld — welcome. Glad to have you on the site! Take a look around, comment if you like, and come back anytime.

About Harold Ambler

I am a lifelong environmentalist. I started my journalism career at The New Yorker, where I worked as a copy editor. Since then, my own work has appeared in The New York Daily News, The National Review Online, The Atlantic Wire, The Huffington Post, The Berkeley Daily Planet, The Providence Journal, Brown Alumni Monthly, The Narragansett Times, Rhode Island Monthly, and Providence Business News.
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  1. Rick Shaw says:

    The weather here at the northwest limit of the Metro Detroit area has been moderate this Summer. A little more rain has pushed the local lake levels back to what is was twenty years ago. This was the coolest 4th of July in two decades being 5 degrees colder than last year at 72F.

  2. Rich Carter says:

    hmmm.. I did just come to the site after watching Redeye.
    I wanted to load up with some amunition when speaking with those that actually buy into global warming.
    Thanks for the information.
    And could you tell Greg next time you see him, to ask president Obama if he would please leave now, I’m getting a headache

  3. Diane Woodward says:

    I just saw you on Red Eye. What stood out to me the most was that you pointed out how the “belief” in global warming has so many elements of a religion. It is sort of like back when people were punished for thinking the earth round instead of flat. Heretical. Personally, I think Al Gore should go back to doing the Macarena.

  4. Eric says:

    Dropped in after seeing U on Re Eye keep up the good work this is so needed. Thank


    Normal July in La, Hot and Humid I would expect nothing less.

  5. Gary Kirkland says:

    I would really like to see the EPA-OBD II Annual Vehicle Emissions Inspection Law closely examined, and changed.As it stands right now, it is entirely possible for any Gasoline powered Vehicle, from 1996 to the present, to fail it’s Emissions Inspection, for not emitting enough polluting Exhaust Emissions ! All such Vehicles have on board Oxygen [O2] Exhaust Sensors.These O2 Sensors are set up to detect a level of polluting Exhaust Emissions that would indicate that Gasoline is being consumed by an Engine at 14.7 parts of Air to 1 part of Fuel.If there is a low level of Oxygen, and a high level of Pollution, a Vehicle will fail it’s Emissions Inspection, as well it should.But, Gasoline can be safely vaporized into a mixture that is 100 parts of Air to 1 part of Fuel.With this, even the largest SUV could easily get 50 + MPG, and emit a fraction of the Emissions of a conventional 14.7/1 Fuel System, with an increase in Power, and much longer Engine life.I’m not the first to figure this out.Far from it ! For proof, do a search on [the late] Tom Ogle, and Charles Nelson Pogue.Then, go to, and scan down the page to just before the update.But, even if it is not to be believed that Fuel Vaporization is entirely possible, it’s illegal to even attempt to do so, with any Vehicle, 13 years old, or newer.O2 Sensors are set up to detect that Fuel is being consumed at 14.7/1. A mixture of 100 / 1 will not emit enough polluting Exhaust Emissions to register on O2 Sensors.When such a Vehicle is connected to an OBD II Emissions Inspection Analyzer, an O2 Sensor failure code will be generated, which will result in a failed Emissions Inspection.O2 Sensor exemptions are permitted for Vehicles that have been legally converted to operate on Natural Gas, Propane, or Hydrogen, and are registered as such.But not for vaporized Gasoline.Thus, it is entirely possible, under this EPA-OBD II Vehicle Emissions Inspection Law, for any Gasoline powered Vehicle, 13 years old, or newer, to fail it’s Emissions Test, for not emitting enough polluting Exhaust Emissions ! As long as this insane 14.7/1 Law that only benefits Big Oil remains in effect, the only way to make Vehicles more “efficient” will be to make them lighter, and smaller.This has got to change ! I have asked the Question many times ; “Why is it illegal for any Gasoline powered Vehicle, 13 Years old, or newer, to emit too little polluting Exhaust Emissions”? So far, not one Big Oil Executive, Politician, or concerned Environmentalist can, or will even try to answer the Question.Those that have replied can’t seem to come up with an Answer either.Can you ?If you can, please reply.And thanks for appearing on Red Eye ! Gary

  6. EC SMITH says:

    Saw you on Red Eye. I hope your book and message gets more press. I am a geologist and cannot believe how out of control the Global Warming rhetoric has becomel. I watched the Gore film, which converted even some fellow scientists I respected, and found it flawed. It’s all about political leanings. Liberals love it. Conservatives don’t know what to make of it. In the 1970’s we were worried about the next ice age. Now it’s warming. There is not enough of a recent record to support either theory. The geologic evidence suggests that climate change is a natural phenomena and that we are due for some sort of change, probably cooler. The alarmist rhetoric is disturbing and speaks greatly to disinformation being force fed to the masses by the poorly educated and politically motivated.

  7. Bob says:

    I saw you on Fox today and stopped by to check out your site. My site is more of a news excerpt site, so expect more links from me. I have so far greatly enjoyed ‘Talking About the Weather’ and will keep up with your posts. Looking forward to your book.

    Best Regards,

    Bob Butterworth

  8. Bill T says:

    You make a comment in you most recent blog about spring frosts affecting Canadian farmers. It is totally misleading. Frost is something that happens every year to us. (Us being one of those canadian farmers) Actually this years frosts were really very mild compared to what I would consider normal. What is abnormal is the drought we have been going through since April. This past week or so was the first rain we have really seen this spring. I would guess that close to 50% of Alberta production will be non existent because of the heat and the drought. Farmers are having to sell cattle because here in the beginning of July they are still having to feed them and just cant afford it. In a situation like this normally growers would haul in feed from BC but this year BC has nothing to send us. It is already a disaster and this past weeks rain simply wont save it. I spend my entire life betting on the weather and in all honesty dont know if GW is for real or not but I do know the extremes we are experienceing is far greater than at any time in my lifetime. Winters as a whole have not I repeat not been as severe and summers have been far hotter. Most of you seem to get your “facts” from blogs like this but folks I can look at it in far more intimate terms and tell you that for what ever reason there is change and its getting to be a problem for food production up here.

    • Harold Ambler says:

      Well, your post is surprising. Here is data from Environment Canada showing lingering sea ice on Hudson Bay. The slow melt is consistent with colder-than-normal temperatures reported throughout the summer in the upper tier of U.S. states and just about all of Canada. Could you send some data from your local weather service or other such links for us to see?

      Also, perhaps you saw that there was frost on Prince Edward Island this month for the first time in history. It sounds like a cold summer to me…

  9. Ed Darrell says:

    Most interesting and distressing that you dismiss cooler temperatures in some areas as the evidence it is for climate change.

    El Nino is in full swing, much more active in the past two decades than ever before in recorded history. El Nino is caused by warming temperatures in the Pacific. Warming makes it occur more often, with greater severity.

    A key result from El Nino’s warmed waters is increased precipitation across the U.S., north of the Mason-Dixon line (actually a line farther south would work). With more precip comes cooler temperatures. This also causes higher heat in the Southwest, in a band from California through Alabama.

    So, for example, type of climate change would be expected to cause more summer rains in New York City, which would cool temperatures.

    Have you looked at the weather in New York City lately? And since it is exactly as predicted with climate change, you dismiss the link why? How?

    You’re from Austin? What’s the weather there?

    Have you checked your home insurance rates in Austin lately? Due to increasing severity of storms in Texas due to climate change, all Texans pay a premium for home insurance (hail storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, torrential rains, mold). You think it doesn’t affect you?

    • Harold Ambler says:

      There is not an El Nino, at present, although El Nino conditions have been announced by NOAA. The distinction is important. El Nino conditions require a positive sea surface anomaly of at least 0.5 degrees Celsius through the requisite portions of the equatorial Pacific. An El Nino, officially, means that those conditions persist for five consecutive months. (They have existed for one month now.) As for “ever before in recorded history,” this touches an important point. We have only been here measuring ocean and air temperature (and not that accurately, frankly) for a few hundred years (at best). The idea that the Pacific Ocean, the greatest body of water on Earth by far, is doing something “for the first time ever” today, when we happen to be alive on the planet, is not overly scientific, in my view.

      Also you’re explanation for what causes an El Nino is inaccurate. The phenomenon starts when the trade winds near and on the Equator relax, meaning slow down, at which point the waters are exposed to the vertical Sun for longer than usual, at which point they warm more than usual, at which point they warm the air above them more than usual, and evaporate more than usual. As for what causes the trade winds to relax sufficiently for the process to get going in earnest, no one really knows. One thing we do know, though, and that is that the trade winds are not controlled by fluctuations in carbon dioxide.

      As for El Nino’s effect on weather in the United States, cool summers in the northeast are not, to my knowledge, a known feature, although there may be an element of truth to what you suggest. The unusual cold and dampness in the northeast (and upper tier of U.S. states and just about all of Canada) has more to do in this case with an unusual loop of the jet stream, which is usually more flattened out than it is now this time of year.

    • Steve N. says:

      Ed, I too just saw Harold on the Red Eye. Harold is correct; Texas is currently sweltering. I live in south Texas (Corpus Christ). You mention hurricanes, whose intensity is directly related to the water temperature in the southern Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico. Normally at this point in the hurrican season, there are normally several named storms and at least one major storm. To date this year, there have been NO hurricanes, tropical storms, tropical depressions, or tropical waves.

      BTW, if possible as the Resident and Worst Lady to pack it in and move back to Chicago where they belong with the rest of the crooked politicians and socialists.

  10. With the mainsteam media even locally it’s all about drama. Then grinding it into a pulpy like substance till you can’t listen to it anymore. I won’t watch the news at all for that very reason.
    Though I truly believe if you pollute something enough there has to be a back lash or consequence as a result. Much like smokers…….. eventually it has effects.
    With that said, I live in Reno NV. We have had a cooler than usual summer so far but a warm short winter. Hey, Mom nature is a wacky scientist and quoting averages and norms is like saying there is averages and norms to the California lottery. Our local news bangs the gong on water levels and snow pack at tahoe. We have alledgedly been in emergency drought conditions , well………. every year for the last 20! Funny, I just took a motorcyle ride through the Sierra this week and wild flowers were blooming and rivers were flowing, lakes were full and things were just beatiful. Hell, it’s July and there is still snow on many of the peaks. Going by the new it should have resembled the Kansas dust bowl of the 20’s. I guess I must have missed that part? John

  11. Bob says:

    Thanks for the correction. I was up late.

  12. Rick says:

    Saw your appearance on Red Eye. Amazing how many people will watch a show with true value to it. Thank God Im on the west coast so its a midnight showing. Heres a point to add on, I have a brother in law whose a world famous bio-tech scientist. You mentioned a great point last night on the show. Notice amongst all the people who buy this bag of crap the word scientist fails to follow any title in their name?
    Ironically he was NEVER asked by St Al about this BS. Amazing how a man who collected facts on the earth and its atmosphere for a living and is highly regarded wouldn’t be considered because it might hurt someone’s feelings. Please come to California soon! IM a financial planner for a living and my favorite pastime is upsetting a liberal with this thing called a fact! Keep up the great work. I’ll be informing all my friends of your web site!

  13. Rick Whittaker says:

    Saw you on Red Eye too. I suppose I’m not the only insomniac in the country. I think that’s comforting? Anyway, looking forward to doing research on your site and others. I’m in Mebane, NC and they were just talking about how we have had below normal temps all summer. No rain though.

  14. John B says:

    This is a great site.

    Have been saving articles from various scientists that refute the global warming scam for a couple of years now.

    Happy to see a site dedicated to driving a stake (facts) into the hearts of these envirovampires.

    looking forward to the book coming in October.

  15. Rachel says:

    I live in Chicago, and the other day was a colder one, and it was something like the coldest day on record in 120 or so years. (I don’t remember the each amount of years). We also had a really cold winter, including several days where we failed to get above zero.

  16. Viv Forbes says:

    “Australian PM should pause and cool down”.

    Gordon Brown and Kevin Rudd want to stimulate the climate conscience of the under-developed world with bribes of $122 billion PER YEAR stolen from western taxpayers and consumers.

    Naturally the UN approves. Having failed so spectacularly to combat terrorism, genocide and dictatorship they now see a job they can do – handling the climate change slush fund.

    At best, this money will subsidise our competitors in India, China, Russia, Brazil and South Africa to modernise their factories and power stations. More likely, it will evaporate in a carbon credit scam, feed the climate change industry, or disappear into some Swiss bank account.

    Our overheated, carbon burning, world travelling PM needs to do what global warming is doing “pause and cool down”.

    Viv Forbes

  17. Austin B. says:

    I saw you on Redeye last night and I was glad to hear about this site and your book. Thanks for your work getting out the facts. I also will be telling friends to visit this site.

  18. Sue says:

    I LOVE the weather we have had here in central New York these past few months. We have had a “cool” summer – temps around 60 to high 70’s. Quite a bit of rain, also. I remember these days 40 years ago and I’m hoping they are making a comeback. I get critized for questioning the going philosophies – but let’s admit it, the Vikings settled Greenland when it was more temperate. and, one hundred years of temperature is a drop in the bucket. I wish our media would look at information with a more critical and skeptical eye. Their unquestioning, submissive acceptance to Gore’s view will cost all of us. Sigh…

  19. Mac says:

    Thanks for fighting the good fight and wanting to find AND TELL the truth. I’ll look for your book. Just saw you on Red Eye. Your comments about global warming (now “climate change”) being a religion and how skeptics are cast out was incredible. You never hear that in the main stream media – or in elementary schools……

  20. Karen Lee says:

    Just saw you on Redeye. I’m in Monte Nido, five miles inland of Malibu-June was SoCal’s coolest on record-and so far July seems refreshingly cool. Didn’t the Global Cooling pushers change the term to Climate Change-trying to keep their southern icecaps covered I guess. At the risk of exposing myself as a conspiracy theorist I’ve noticed fewer days of the skys being crisscrossed by chemtrails-perhaps the government is running out of funds for such nonsence. Haven’t read the site yet-but I look forward to it. Hoe do I find info on your music-I haven’t tried Robert Taylor on MyFace-but I’m afraid I’ll need to comb thru too many.

  21. Carl Wade says:

    I did catch you on Red Eye…..

    but, even before your interview, I had determined to do my on reading on the subject and not to continue to fall prey to the Green Alarmists. One book is by Fagan, “The Great Warming”.

    Iif the ‘greens’ continue to expand their politically/profit agenda T.J.PICKENS stands to make billions in green energy like he did in the oil industry (2.2 billions).

    He has his’ for profit fingers’ in numerous ‘wind projects’ around the world and is spending over 400 million on an AD CAMPAIGN to ‘sell’ wind energy to the ignorant people and politicians in the USA.

    Why isn’t there more major exposure of Mr. Picken’s and his co-harts’ ownership of the companies manufacturing wind turbines and related support industries. He knows the big money has gone out of oil and he’s creating a ground swell of public opinion to capitalize on the the government funding to be wasted on ‘green power’ sources.

    And, I will note that in the last 8 years AL GORE’S wealth has gone from a net 2 million to now over 100 million!!! He did not make that many speeches!!! And, his book is a contradicting joke!

  22. Christine G says:

    I watched your interview on Red Eye earlier this evening . Thank you for your data that clearly refutes all of the BS that’s being shoved down our throats about global warming.

    I believe, like an earlier blogger (Viv Forbes), that western taxpayers and consumers will ultimately end up “subsidising our competitors in India, China, Russia, Brazil or, more likely, it will evaporate in a carbon credit scam, feed the climate change industry, or disappear into some Swiss bank account.” My guess is that there will be several fat bank accounts resulting from this scam.

    I will inform my friends of your website. Keep up the good work!

    Christine G

  23. Tamara says:

    Interesting blog. caught you on RedEye (funny how many people commenting are watching that show so late, LOL). ANyway, I have 2 comments for you. First off, it would be great for you, and any of us who are intersted in a post, if you had a Share button so we could post the link to that article/blog piece. It’s pretty common on blogs now and that would only get your name out there more as well. There was one piece of yours here I wanted to post to my Facebook but there was no share button. Secondly, it would be great if you had a HOME button. I was searching around various older posts and typically one can hit a home button to get back to first post but I was unable to find one and had to manually do that.

  24. Dhruv Aliman says:

    I Saw you on Red Eye. Great blog. Keep up the great work.

  25. Jamie D. Tucker says:

    Congratulations on getting on Fox’s Red Eye. Now you need to try for Fox’s O’Reilly Factor. O’Reilly claims to have the overwhelming number of cable news watchers but is an avowed “Warmist” and a hard guy to argue with. Please do not refer to the view of “Warmists” as the “orthodox view”. There is nothing orthodox about science by consensus. – Jamie

  26. Tommy says:

    I will buy your book when it comes out. A good read for children that I bought for my daughter is Deb & Seby’s REAL DEAL on Global Warming by Al Sonja Schmidt.
    The Weather here in little California, Pennsylvania? We have a heated pool and this is the first year that the heater has to run everyday to keep the temps in the mid 80’s. The days have not been hot and the nights are in the low 50’s dropping the temp each night about 6 or 7 degrees. Who would believe Al Gore about anything?

  27. Brian Schwan says:

    Caught tail end of Red-Eye. Refreshing to find more and more people with some common sense about GW. I’m in Ventura, CA and the weather is always gorgeous, but a little cooler this July, which suits me fine. We have a little blurb in the front section of our Sunday paper called diary of the planet, where they track temperature, earthquakes, etc. across the globe. I look forward to reading it for amusement, but one part in particular where they tack the highest and lowest temp and the location. This past week the high was in Death Valley, CA at 120 degrees, and the low was in Vostok, Antarctica at 89 degrees BELOW zero, which would make the average at about 6 degrees! Pretty cool for the summer. I don’t remember his name, but I read somewhere a particular scientist who stated that trying to find the average global temp was about as useless as trying to find the average phone number.

  28. Fred G. says:

    Luckily, I was having one of my nocturnal Saturday nights and after a way late dinner,
    I turned to Fox and saw you on Red Eye talking about your forthcoming book , ” Don’t Sell Your Coat “. This morning I went on the net, You Tube etc looking for a video of that appearance ( wanted to send it to some alarmists I know ) but alas no luck. I did find a video of you on Greg’s show about 4 months ago. Do you know if last nights segment wil be posted anywhwere, anytime soon ?


  29. Dan S says:

    Saw you on Red Eye. You mentioned a few scientists that have been damaged for coming out against AGW. Can you I get a list of who they were. I’d like to look more into what happened to them.

    • Harold Ambler says:

      Henrik Svensmark and Willie Soon, among many others. All interested would do well to read Lawrence Soloman’s outstanding The Deniers.

  30. Fred G. says:

    Mr. Ambler,

    Why did you take down the request for anyone who had recorded your appearnce on Red Eye to post it on You Tube ? Copyright issues ? Suggest you ask Greg Gutfeld to oblige.

    Has it been done ?


  31. David O. says:

    Just last night South Dakota set or tied many record lows. Just the beginning of the slide into the next ice age?

  32. Valissa says:

    We’ve had a chilly summer so far in Boston. I have been joking that we are stuck in a May time loop, and that’s why we keep having May weather here in June & July!

    Here is a great article (from a liberal leaning website) from a scientist who has been in the past heavily involved in carbon modeling, Kyoto, etc, and he has been looking at real data and now he thinks the evidence is for a cooling sub-cycle. He makes some interesting insuaitons about the politics of it all if you “read between the lines” and he finally admits “that there is no actual evidence that carbon dioxide was the main cause of recent warming—it’s only an assumption.”

    Global Warming or Global Cooling? A New Trend in Climate Alarmism

    Viva la Truth!

  33. Emmett says:

    I saw you on Red Eye and was encouraged that not everyone is hysterical and has consumed the global warming Kool-Aid. I have pontificated for years about how arrogant human beings are in thinking they can do anything to cause or change earth’s climate or the natural ebb and flow of the universe. Keep up the good and responsible work and continue to supply me with ammo so I can defend myself against “Al’s (Gore) Army.”


  34. MatthewB says:

    Well we are experiencing the hottest days of the year here in Omaha, but it should only be a couple days total. We will see if we hit 100 for the first time tomorrow or not (there have been a few heat index days over 100 including today, but not the temp). Last year we spent all of 4 hours at or over the century mark which is definitly unusual. I fully expect we will be seing freezing temps by mid October at the latest.

    • MatthewB says:

      Well as predicted, we are starting to see predictions of snow and freezing lows this Friday, Oct 9 from NOAA

  35. Michael says:

    I’m in southwestern Ohio and usually catch the weekly garden radio show. We were told the expect our July tomatoes in August which has now been bumped to September. If this keeps up we’ll be serving frozen green tomatoes .

  36. Michael says:

    It used to be around this time of year you’d be lying in bed in the undies, sheets on the floor, the bed surrounded with box fans, praying the A/C didn’t go out. For the past decade now, you keep the down comforter at the foot of the bed and think about going to the pound and pick up 2 or 3 more cars for a little extra warmth at night. Is the weather or climate?

  37. ron from Texas says:

    I live in far north Texas, about 2 towns away from Oklahoma. July was hot, but July usually is hot. August was cooler than usual, by 5 to 10 degrees on some days. The beginning of September is about normal. Lows in the 60’s to 70’s and highs in the 90’s. We had a long, cold, wet spring. So, it seems our summer temp spike concentrated mainly in July. I expect we will have a brutally cold winter, even for Texas. Farmers have already harvested their corn and animal feed grain and milo. I expect they will have to step up their plaint of winter wheat. Normally, it gets planted in November. But if November will be as cold as we might expect, they might want to get a head start and try to get a crop in. This is the problem with global cooling. It shortens the growing season, which means less food for livestock. If livestock die off, it means less food for creatures that eat meat, such as humans do.

  38. INGSOC says:

    Thursday, October 8 2009

    Chilliwack River Valley, 60 Kms. east of Vancouver BC. Altitude; 570 feet.

    6 am temp. 2 degrees. Hard frost. Clear with slight easterly breeze. Oct. 7 daytime high; 9. Freezing level @ 2200 feet.

    Have been getting soft frosts for several days now. Today was the first hard frost. 4-6 weeks earlier than average for area. 2009 has been a very dry year here also. While we had some significant daytime highs over the summer, the overnight temps were well below normal due to so little cloud cover. Last winter was the coldest in thirty years of my collecting daily weather observations. We had 22 days of -20 or lower, with 1-3 feet of snow on the ground from late October ’08 through to May ’09. Shaded areas had snow thawing right up to July. This year is shaping up to be even colder by the look of things. Last year, Canada was dominated by a large, persistent cold air mass over most of the centre of the country which kept most pacific systems from penetrating east of the coastal mountain range. Jet stream patterns indicate a similar flow for this winter. Nice of our electric utility (BC Hydro) to raise rates just in time! Rates supposedly raised to fund green initiatives and conservation! More of a ploy to increase the amount they can sell to California. You can’t “save” hydro electric really. But I digress…

    Nice site you got here!

    • Harold Ambler says:

      Thanks for the kind words!

      Here in Austin, fall started near the beginning of last month. A succession of rain storms and frontal passages, cool mornings and evenings, even a few cool afternoons have followed. The trees are starting to go golden, most notably down on the shores of Lady Bird Lake (the portion of the Colorado River above the dam on the east side of town). Today, ahead of the next frontal passage, very warm, very moist air is racing northward across us. When the front comes tonight, there may be fireworks, although they’re supposed to get hit worse to our northeast.

      We had many record low temperatures here last fall and winter, including the coldest April day ever measured. For some reason, though, only the long summer heat wave got much coverage in the national, or even local, news. Of course, a substantial portion of the “hottest,” “worst ever” heat wave was urban heat island effect, in particular the number of 100-degree days in central Austin.

  39. dave ward says:

    Sorry to comment on an old point (back in July) but “Gary Kirkland” mentions the fixed 14.7:1 Air/Fuel mixture in gasoline powered cars. This is required for the catalytic converter to work. I don’t think there are any dubious intentions involved. I agree it’s a daft situation, particularly since many manufacturers were well advanced on “Lean Burn” technology before these devices were required. And just to fit in with the latest topic, they convert one lot of pollution into another – Carbon Dioxide!

  40. Allan Bean says:

    I was sent this link by a fellow manmade climate change sceptic. Great posts and some good replies.

    I run a similar site and I will be linking back to this excellent page.

    In the middle of the UK (Birmingham), we have also had our cold weather come much sooner this year and much colder. We had a -6 centegrade in October when normally these temperatures are only seen in January/February. November has also been unusually cold with several well below freezing nights. Must be due to that pesky global warming thing then…

    BTW – it’s now official; all of us who question manmade climate change are “behind-the-times, anti-science, flat-earthers”.

    This comes from one of the highest authorities in the world; Gordon Brown – see

    What a fool!

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