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You Might Live in New England

With apologies to Jeff Foxworthy … If you currently own between three and five snow shovels, you might live in New England. If there are half-empty bags of melt salt strewn around your home, you might live in New England. If … Continue reading

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Old Time New England Winter

I live in a historic part of a historic New England town: East Greenwich, Rhode Island, to be precise. It’s tough to walk five minutes in any direction here without running across a cemetery or two with graves from two … Continue reading

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Of Pure Weather Ignorance, Yaks on Faces, and Your Holiday Gift Shopping

People have no idea regarding weather. They don’t know that they’ve been manipulated with HD video into believing that their own time is strange, unprecedented, extreme. They don’t know why they would be manipulated (via a combination of noble cause … Continue reading

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Surprised By White

The first “pure” Nor’easter of the season is delivering snow to East Greenwich this evening. The storm, another potent one just nine days after Hurricane Sandy devastated the region, was snowier than the National Weather Service initially forecast along Narragansett … Continue reading

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Will the Ponds Freeze in Rhody This Year?

I originally started this blog to discuss “climate change” and local weather and hoped that people would join me on both topics. Truthfully, I have neglected local weather stories, so here is a little one. Entering winter every year in … Continue reading

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The Good Old Days Are Right Now

A major strain of global warming theology looks back on a colder, snowier past with misty eyes. Some of this comes from the fact that those looking back, including RFK Jr., are simply remembering being outdoors enough to appreciate nature, … Continue reading

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‘Snow blindness’ spreads in newsrooms

Somewhere along the way, mainstream journalism lost its way regarding climate. Journalists at the top of their game and the top of their field, lacking nothing for resources or good intentions, lost the ability to see winter, even when it … Continue reading

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Cold comfort: Catlin team awaits re-supply

With adverse weather, including at least one blizzard, preventing its scheduled re-supply, the Catlin Arctic Survey expedition on the Arctic Ocean sea ice has slashed food rations by more than 80 percent. On normal sledging days, the team members consume … Continue reading

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Snowiest Winter Ever Recorded in North Dakota

    By Harold Ambler Snow, wind, and cold have assaulted North Dakota yet again in the past 24 hours. In Bismarck Friday morning the temperature was 12 below zero with a new inch or two of snow expected following … Continue reading

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It’s New O’leans, Dahlin’

More news of catastrophic warming. This from The New Orleans Times-Picayune:  White-knuckled drivers drove down Jefferson Davis Parkway Thursday morning, past the shivering schoolgirls in skirts, past coffeeshops brimming with weather chit-chat, alongside a neutral ground frozen in time. For one … Continue reading

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