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Open Letter to a Legal Scholar Specializing in Climate Change

The following is my response to an open letter published by the legal scholar Dan Farber on his blog. Farber’s letter says that global warming “denialists” are about as right as Neville Chamberlain was returning from Munich in 1938 and … Continue reading

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Frightened to death?

What if spending trillions of dollars to solve the imaginary problem of humankind’s distortion of Earth’s climate will prevent us from transitioning to clean sources of power without inducing foot shortages? If the Sun drives climate, and was responsible for 90 percent of the warming in the 20th century, and we’re entering a deep solar minimum, should that affect how we allocate resources? Is cap-and-trade’s freezing of socio-economic disparities between the First World and the Third World really the moral high ground? Continue reading

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