Apology accepted: an update

Needlessly expensive electric power is a beautiful site to some. This Somers, Connecticut solar "farm" is a case in point.

Needlessly expensive electric power is a beautiful sight to some. This Somers, Connecticut solar “farm” is a case in point.

In 2009, a few weeks before Obama was inaugurated for his first term in the White House, I wrote this in The Huffington Post: “You are probably wondering whether President-elect Obama owes the world an apology for his actions regarding global warming. The answer is, not yet.”

My, how times have changed. Since I wrote those naïve words, not only have the president and I both grown considerably grayer, but he has done far more to join Al Gore in the ranks of destructive climate charlatans than most people realize. He decided, unilaterally, to make the creation of coal-fired power plants so expensive as to be non-starters, never worrying for a moment what jacked-up energy prices would do to working people and those on fixed incomes. For working people, pricy electricity makes life more stressful, palpably so. When $50 one way or the other can destroy your monthly budget, you notice when feel-good energy production costs your family – your kids – a pair of sneakers they needed two months ago or a prescription co-pay that you simply have to come up with.

It’s personal at that point.

Progressives love to talk about taking care of the little guy. And so long as the little guy is driving a Prius and making $70,000 a year at a union job, they really do. If he’s driving a third-hand pickup truck 17 miles each way to his second job at the convenience store, then progressives warm fuzzies don’t really enter the equation. Oh, well. Let them eat Prius cake, or something to that effect.

Obama has consistently talked the talk, throughout his four years in office, and as his second term gets under way in earnest, he’s also walking the walk – to green la-la-land, that is. Gorgeous New England farms covered with solar panels that belong in the desert Southwest (if they belong anywhere, which they don’t), domestically produced coal getting shipped to China (where it’s burned less cleanly than at home), thousands of acres of near-shore Atlantic waters littered with obtrusive, bird-killing windmills requiring redundant power generation systems because they’re unreliable (particularly when power is most needed), these are a few of my favorite things. Oh, no, wait. These are a few of President Obama’s favorite things. And guess what else? The dog is about to bite, and you’re about to be feeling sad.

Why? Because you are caught up in a glorious swindle, an impeccable lie, a howler. This is the notion that by walking away from conventional power generation as an individual and a part of your nation, you are “greening” the planet, or saving humanity, or some such. Once again, what you’re really doing is killing people needlessly, but this is at most an irrelevant detail, if you really, deeply love Mother Earth and know little or nothing about Earth’s climate history.

So, yeah, President Obama owes me an apology for his climate shenanigans at this point, just as he owes one to you. Does he think he’s pulling a fast one on the American people? I have no way of knowing that. And I don’t particularly care. What I do I care about are the president’s actions. And on climate, particularly, his actions are destructive.

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