Surprised By White

The first “pure” Nor’easter of the season is delivering snow to East Greenwich this evening.

The storm, another potent one just nine days after Hurricane Sandy devastated the region, was snowier than the National Weather Service initially forecast along Narragansett Bay. Even at the time of the early-evening update, when snow had already broken out in East Greenwich and points northward, no winter weather advisory was forthcoming.

With snow sticking to grassy surfaces, cars, buildings, and eventually streets, residents of East Greenwich found themselves surprised by the white stuff.

Computer models were indicating anywhere from two to four inches for East Greenwich and locations in the central part of the state, with more anticipated in the traditional snow belt farther north.

As with so many Nor’easters, the potential exists for changeover to rain near the coast. Indeed warmer air was forecast by Mark Searles of NBC 10 be pulled into the middle levels of the atmosphere overnight, leading to a changeover to freezing rain and then plain rain by dawn.

But the presence of more cold air at the coast than the National Weather Service had anticipated should raise at least one eyebrow on any incipient changeover.

Dedicated sledders’  best hope for a run is either before bedtime tonight, or first thing in the morning before school.

Judging by the feel of a snowball hurled by my 7-year-old daughter striking between my shoulder blades, the snow was close to ideal for making a snowman — clumpy!

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