Positive Reviews of DSYC Continue

The good reviews of DSYC keep coming: Andrew Montford (author of The Hockey Stick Illusion), Anthony Watts, Tallbloke, Tom Nelson, and now John Shade, posting at Climate Lessons:

This is a beautiful book in many ways.  First of all, in terms of attracting the attention of whoever may pick it up, it is beautifully laid out, typeset, and illustrated.  You might well buy the Kindle version, but I’ll bet you’ll soon come to wish you had something more tangible for the coffee table.  Second, it is extremely well written.  Friendly, fluent, flowing prose, and although dealing with very contentious issues, civil and coherent throughout.

Allow me to say here that Kindle people rule; they’ve been keeping DSYC at or near the top of Weather, Rivers, and Environmental Science lists ever since the Kindle version came out. That said, I still have a soft spot for paper. I’m a Kindle reader and a hard-copy reader, and probably always will be. I don’t mind if readers buy both versions of the book, of course 🙂

Climate Lessons was created to fight the good climate fight in classrooms, where much terrorizing of children has been taking place for more than a generation now. I’m very grateful for the recognition that DSYC is intended to fight such terror, with children and adolescents very much in mind.

About Harold Ambler

I am a lifelong environmentalist. I started my journalism career at The New Yorker, where I worked as a copy editor. Since then, my own work has appeared in The New York Daily News, The National Review Online, The Atlantic Wire, The Huffington Post, The Berkeley Daily Planet, The Providence Journal, Brown Alumni Monthly, The Narragansett Times, Rhode Island Monthly, and Providence Business News.
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  1. Congratulations – I bookmarked the UK Amazon page for the paperback over a week ago, and have done nothing about it since. Calling back here has reminded me to do so,

    BTW, now I’ve seen your picture, I must confess to a preconceived, but not concious notion of your likely appearance, “Harold Ambler” for me produces a not-too-clear mental image of a late-middle-aged man with greying hair and black-rimmed spectacles. Your photo proves how wrong preconceived notions can be.A lesson here in preconceived notions (especially about climate and all things scientific perhaps. I strive to have no such preconceptions, and always have done, but I’m human.

    BTW2, have you seen this challenge to a debate with someone called Michael Tobis?

    He said recently “Andy Revkin was extremely harsh on Peter Gleick, and folks of authority in the science community have little choice, in defending their institutional integrity, but to line up behind him”, so you’ll have some idea of the man’s ideas on integrity and “The Cause”. I’m sure you’d (metaphorically, of course!) “wipe the floor with him”. My grasp of the “incontrovertible science” should be sufficient for me to do it too, but I lack your eloquence.

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