I, Al Gore, Will Control Your Mind … Errr, Gimme a Minute, Just a Minute More, Wait!

Al Gore presents his latest business venture: A game called Mind Control.

Al Gore’s Current TV is not having an easy go of it. With its Italian version shuttered in 2011, it now appears a virtual certainty that Current will also go off the air in the UK early this spring. Spun by Mr. Gore as resulting from the right-wing machinations of a dastardly Rupert Murdoch, the moves were more likely in  response to abysmal ratings in both countries. In the United States, Current TV’s principal journalistic star, Keith Olbermann, is no longer talking directly to his colleagues at Current, having grown frustrated over the network’s inability to provide a modicum of technical support.

But no big deal, those seeking global mind control generally hit a speed bump or two along the way, right? And now Mr. Gore has found an ingenious way to turn this speed bump into a ramp launching him into the stratosphere of positive public opinion: climate video games! These things are gonna be huge! One way you can tell is that the format requires, up front, that people of all ages (including and especially children!), have to bolster leftist untruths in order to win points.

No big deal, right? The end justifies the means after all! The biggest whopper that players are asked to shine up: that energy companies are behind the vast majority of climate skepticism. That makes sense, because it sounds sinister and plenty of “cool” people say it all the time. But get this: by far the most popular climate website of any kind, which happens to have skeptic leanings, is wattsupwiththat.com, and the site has never accepted a penny from energy companies.

I myself have been “out” as a climate skeptic since I published in The Huffington Post in 2009. How many e-mails and phone calls do you suppose I have received from Big Oil since that day? A hundred? Fifty? Twelve? How about none? Bingo!

I’ve met and corresponded with dozens of skeptics, from the very prominent to the very anonymous, and I have yet to see a shred of evidence connecting one of them to carbon-based fuel industry. As we’re fond of pointing out on my side, though, Big Oil funds the heck out of global warming scaremongers!

But I’m straying from the joy of climate games here. These things are going to be unbelievably successful. Believe me. You’ve just got to believe.

Here’s the climate game I’ve been playing for three years: Follow your research wherever it takes you, regardless of the personal, professional, and financial consequences. Endure an onslaught of vindictive and dishonest pressure from the well-financed American Left. And then: Just keep on keepin’ on.

About Harold Ambler

I am a lifelong environmentalist. I started my journalism career at The New Yorker, where I worked as a copy editor. Since then, my own work has appeared in The New York Daily News, The National Review Online, The Atlantic Wire, The Huffington Post, The Berkeley Daily Planet, The Providence Journal, Brown Alumni Monthly, The Narragansett Times, Rhode Island Monthly, and Providence Business News.
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2 Responses to I, Al Gore, Will Control Your Mind … Errr, Gimme a Minute, Just a Minute More, Wait!

  1. David Y says:

    Hi Harold (and happy new year!),

    I’m an ’88 Big Green grad who was also an English major (with fond memories of Prof’s Pease, Sleigh and Travis–my advisor–in Sanborn). It’s really refreshing to find your blog!

    I was (in the early 2000’s) a ‘warmist’–until I really started looking into the science, and into actual climate and geological history. (As a general observation, it’s amazing how the lack of historical context for anything is being used to induce near-term panic…pick the subject, you can find it…no one teaches history anymore!). It’s helped that I already had a lifelong passion for meteorology–likely as a result of being a sailor and outdoorsman. What’s really interesting is the media portrayal of skeptics as anti-science, uneducated and funded by big oil. I drive a Prius, have degrees from Dartmouth and Northwestern (MBA), and absolutely love science. While I am currently in software sales, I’d love nothing more than to devote my time to understanding and solving the question of how ice ages occur. I don’t buy Milankovitch cycles on their own; Ewing-Dunn has a few big holes in it; cosmic influences are by all appearances only mildly understood; and nobody’s put forward a viable ice accumulation & spreading model (that I’ve seen).

    You and are I are by all appearances on the roughly same page. Yes, we need to use energy more wisely; cleaner is by and large better; and prosperity leads to better lives. CO2 ain’t a pollutant, and the AGW panic has taken folks’ eyes off the more important balls of clean water, less pollution, and economic growth.

    I’m eager to read your book! Anyway, please accept my warm greetings from Sacramento (where it has been by and large cooler than ‘normal’ for the last 3 years or so), and know you’ve got a place to crash if you need. My wife, sons and I take visitors, and we at present live about a block away from Ted Eliopoulos (D ’86).

    David Youker

    PS–How COOL is it that John Coleman commented on your blog?

    • Harold Ambler says:

      Thank you David for all the kind words; it meant a lot to me when John Coleman commented and it does still. It’s amazing how little is known about the climate system, granting that some great men and women of science have been putting shoulders to the wheel for several decades now to understand it. The lack of understanding pertains especially to Ice Ages, I agree, too. Glad to know that I’m not the only one to have spent time at Dartmouth to have come out from under the thumb of the warmists. My meteorology prof there, Eric Posmentier, answered many questions during the course of my research for the book. Interestingly, he has co-authored articles with Willie Soon.

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