Just another cold morning at the airport

How cold was it at the airport this morning, here in Austin? How ’bout 38 degrees Fahrenheit. This was good enough for the record low, by 8 degrees, no less. It was also the coldest May temperature ever, by four degrees. I bet everyone will be talking about this all over town — not!

How ’bout if it were the warmest May temperature ever. Do you think people might find that interesting? Inquiring minds want to know.

Think there isn’t an internalized bias among most Americans (let alone Austinites!) regarding temperatures extremes? Guess again!

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2 Responses to Just another cold morning at the airport

  1. Kevin says:

    Don’t jinx it! Here in Looosiana, it’s the best (aka coldest) May weather I’ve ever seen. 44 degrees right now.

    • Harold Ambler says:

      We had three record-low mornings in a row here this week. All-told, we’ve had more than 20 record lows since August…

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