Al Gore, Nowhere to be Found

Not big on e-mail.

Among the curiosities to be found in the Climategate e-mails: Not one is addressed to or from Al Gore. One would imagine that someone with his finger on the pulse of climate science would occasionally communicate with a climate scientist. Whether such e-mails are in the cache of yet-to-be-released messages is unknowable.

This much I do know: 1. Mr. Gore is not currently flipping through the pages of my new book and 2. There are e-mails that he has written that would be interesting to read. I hope that no one strives to get them illegally, by the way. The Climategate e-mails, despite a chorus of claims to the contrary by The New York Times and others, have never been shown to be the product of hacking and are much more likely an instance of whistle-blowing. So if it turns out that the whistle-blower is sitting on one or more messages of interest from the former vice-president, I say let the games begin.

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