Will the Ponds Freeze in Rhody This Year?

The connection to nature that pond skating brings is very intense. Few other things can make troubles melt faster than safe ice and a pair of skates.

I originally started this blog to discuss “climate change” and local weather and hoped that people would join me on both topics. Truthfully, I have neglected local weather stories, so here is a little one.

Entering winter every year in New England, I and tens of thousands of others wonder, Will the ponds freeze this year? I would say that in my 7 Rhode Island winters from 1999-2006 they froze four years, for sure three.

The best hope for pond skating this year is an outbreak of Arctic cold that Joe Bastardi points to on Twitter. Several computer model ensembles see this kind of flip. Nothing would make me happier than to “have to” go buy skates for my 6-year-old daughter and share one of life’s great delights with her.

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